Nathan F.
Smith honors

What is really Happening

Mankind's knowledge is expanding at an exponential rate as technology, and science becomes more advanced and complex. However, humans still remain extremely lacking in their knowledge of government and the abuse of power. The book Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow, a book about a San Franciscan teen who is illegally detained and tortured by the U.S. government, and after his release begins seeking revenge on the government. 1984 by George Orwell, a dystopian novel about a world where constant war, mind control, the disappearance of people and an all controlling government are completely normal and accepted whole-heartedly. Have dually tried to teach society that the government must be challenged efficiently to achieve a better nation and the importance of both individuality and freedom, however these lessons have not been learned by society and the world, and if these lessons are not learned soon, the world will begin a rapid decline into a very oppressed existence.

Please read the rest in this order:
1. Challenging the System
2. Where is the Individual going
3. The Future of our Society
4. Conclusion