Freedoms are what make a country great, however, when freedoms are taken for granted and tossed by the wayside for a little extra personal security then the country has essentially put itself on a very slippery slope; a slope leading straight into a society similar to 1984. When one liberty, for example speech, is given up, then many more liberties and freedoms will soon fall by the wayside. Just like in Little Brother when people gave up the right to travel freely and unhindered for the illusion that terrorists were being caught and that their lives were protected. For example, when Marcus' dad heard about the seemingly random arrests he considered it his duty to answer the police's questions for the sake of believing that the terrorists were being caught, when in reality no real terrorists were being caught. When liberties are given up, the general public gives even more power into the hands of the government. With the government as corrupt as it is today, this is a highly illogical decision. Of course, once these liberties have been given up it would be nearly impossible to gain them back. This is precisely what happened in 1984 when lots of rights were given up to The Party. The Party took these liberties and ran, so to speak. Now that The Party was so powerful, as it owned nearly all of the peoples rights, all that it needed now was a large following. The Party became so large that it was composed of 30% of the population, yet it kept the other 70% in total ignorance to the events going on around them. Even though this portion of the population would be a formidable enemy, they were essentially deprived of individual thought, rendering them completely incompetent and incapable of any form of challenge or competition to The Party. Even if an attempt to overthrow The Party were to be staged, the power of the government would be so great that the rebels would be killed in-humanely and without trial. This one may imagine, this is a very anti-American way to go about things, and as such, it must be stopped. One way to stop this sort of scenario from ever happening is to stop just going with the crowd. One example of going with the crowd was in 1967 at Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, California. High school teacher Ron Jones decided to teach his history class an innovative lesson about fascism and the WWII Holocaust. He began to make the students sit straighter in their chairs and have neater posture. At the same time, telling the students that through all this, they were becoming greater than their classmates. While on a third level he was taking away their freedom in the class. This class, which began calling itself "The Wave", expanded rapidly as everyone wanted to feel superior to their peers. Those who were part of The Wave took it upon themselves to try to convince, sometimes violently, those who were not part of The Wave to join. This demonstrates the appeal of feeling superior to those surrounding an individual, and the want to conform (wave). If it could happen to a high school, it could happen to the entire United States and the whole world for that matter. The need to feel accepted is programmed into the human mind like breathing and any other vital body function. The desire to be part of the pack is, has, and always will be an essential part of the human spirit. That is why an all encompassing group or movement that gains a large following can be so dangerous.