Obviously, the need to preserve individuality and freedom, and the need to challenge the system efficiently have not been learned at all by today's society. The world is an ever changing place. Old corrupt governments are thrown out and new ones replace them. However, if the current social trend continues, it will all be for nothing. People will follow anything that becomes popular, the majority and superior. The same thing happened in Germany with Adolph Hitler, and look at what happened there. Millions of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and retards killed. Not to mention it has given Germany a bad rap ever since. The desire to conform and be part of the pack is at the core of human instincts. The want, the need, the desire to be part of the majority has lead to bad things throughout history and with the population expanding as it it is today, a large majority movement with evil intentions could ultimately destroy the world as we know it. Such is the dilema faced by today's society and future societies. A cause or movement can have a visage of hope and good will, when underneath, it is really intended to destroy, kill and purge society. The "golden way" to challenge a system must also be discovered to bring about true change in the world. If such a way is not found, mankind will continue to make frivolous and stupid challenges of authority that can be easily put down. If we do no change our path to a more productive, free, individualistic and democratic society and world as a whole then we will be doomed to be eternal servants to the company who has risen, monopolized and later, bought entire countries. This will result in a full on 1984 like society and world, where free thought, individuality and rebellion are crushed without so much as a second thought.