A government is a wonderful thing as long as it protects the people, serves the people and has the people's interests in mind. Governments inevitably will eventually take advantage of the people, their trust and abuse their power. These are the instances when the government must be challenged in order to improve a nation and further protect the citizens of the country. The challenging of the system has been present throughout history with varying degrees of efficiency and success. This is no more present than in the 1971 Attica Prison Riot (Attica). In this famous American prison riot, approximately 1000 inmates rioted, took control of the prison and held 33 correctional facility workers hostage. They demanded better living conditions in the prison. They felt that they had been denied certain rights as Americans, the prisoners lived on one shower a week and one roll of toilet paper a month. This riot changed the conditions in prisons all over America. It is a perfect example of when to challenge the government and the good that can come out of challenging the system. Unfortunately both effective and safe riots do not happen. At the end of the Attica Prison Riot, 43 people lay dead.

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Little Brother gave society a perfect way to challenge the system. No one was killed through the X-Net, some people my have been tear gassed but no one died. Technology is the newest safest way to challenge any system. Technology has shaped the world up to this point, and technology will continue to shape the world if used properly and for good causes. Anytime a government or system has a flaw or has been corrupted it is prime time to challenge that system. "Anything that hinted at corruption always filled him with a wild hope"(Orwell 125). This was one of Winston's thoughts at the idea of being able to challenge the oppressive government at last.